Chasing Revenue – Hotel & Hospitality Industry Revenue Management Book, by Gregory Cross

Chasing Revenue by Gregory Cross

Greg Cross is a Revenue Management icon. His leadership style & communication skills have inspired so many, myself included. Revenue Management, Revenue Strategy & now Revenue Optimization are household names in Hospitality with a seat at the CEO table, but that is in large part because of the early battles fought by a few leaders like Greg Cross. The history & legacy in Chasing Revenue is compelling. Sit down and enjoy the book!

Sloan F. Dean III

CEO & President, Remington Hotels

Online travel agencies. They seemed to come out of nowhere. Like giant Transformerslike beasts from a science-fiction movie, they suddenly appeared and surrounded the hotel industry.,,,,,, and those were just the big ones. In the decades since 2000, nearly every type of business on earth has been turned upside down by e-commerce. Today, you can buy anything online. Everyone who sold a product had to learn how to sell it all over again. But the industries that were hit first and hit hardest were airlines and lodging.

Chasing Revenue presents how the Internet and an entirely new group of companies revolutionized how hotels sell their products. A humble, compelling, and unflinchingly honest sharing [of} both successes and the harsh reality of office politics that many business people will recognize and relate to, regardless of the industry they work in. Chasing Revenue is more than the evolution of hotel revenue management. Chasing Revenue tells the story of a visionary hotel executive’s early recognition of how the then-nascent business practice could generate billions of dollars of incremental revenue.

Henry H. Harteveldt

President/Travel Industry Analyst, Atmosphere Research Group

The push and pull between suppliers and their distribution partners in the travel industry is the original ‘frenemy’ battleground of the internet. This history of hotel revenue management and digital distribution includes business and strategy lessons relevant today. As technology has brought disruption to so many sectors of our economy, Chasing Revenue provides valuable insights relevant in sectors much broader than online travel.

Spencer Rascoff

Co-Founder, Hotwire, Zillow and Pacaso

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